About Solidify


When it comes to doing B2B online, experience matters.

Our Mission:

Evolve the way B2B manufacturers conduct their business online – from attraction to transaction, to process and operations.

For nearly 20 years, our team has been committed to evolving the way manufacturers do business online. Since 1998, we have brought end-to-end, self-service eBusiness solutions to B2B markets – providing manufacturers of all types with a competitive edge. Solidify offers Cloud-based customized software, including eCommerce and Configure-Price-Quote solutions, as well as strategic planning and full-service website design.

One of our key differentiators is our true end-to-end digital offering.  We work with our clients to take a holistic view of their digital strategy and create an online experience to best suit both their internal needs and in turn their customers’ needs. Our suite of online solutions are tailored to each client’s unique business needs and can be configured with customized product content, business rules and sales channel structure. And, our solutions can be leveraged to create order management, lead processing and quote generation tools to automate and effectively support sales, marketing and eCommerce functions.

As an industry pioneer, our experience has taught us that staying nimble and innovative, being up for any challenge and putting our customers first are the keys to success.  At Solidify we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the service we provide to our clients and the ongoing innovation we put into our offerings. We believe that each client is a partner and their success is our success. We will always embrace our “startup” roots and remain committed to constantly evolving the way manufacturing companies do their business online.

“When it comes to operating your business online, the right way, experience makes all the difference. Solidify’s 20-year experience as an industry front-runner. Our experience partnering with manufacturers just like you. The overall experience you have working with our team from strategy to implementation. Your customers’ experience doing business with you online. It all is vital to creating the best online experience possible for your unique business."
Kevin Colletti,
President & CEO